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2019 Early ACCESS Procedures Manual

2019 Early ACCESS Procedures Manual


♦ To view the full 228 page Early ACCESS Procedures Manual as a single document, click the following link:  EA Procedures Manual 2019

♦ To view a document that highlights the major changes in the latest release of the EA Procedures Manual, click on the  following link: EA Procedures Manual Updates Guide 2019

♦ To view sections of the manual, click on the appropriate link in the table below.

Section Manual Guiding Documents


Table of Contents


Title Page, Table of Contents There are no guiding documents for the index.
Section 1: Overview




Iowa's Birth Mandate (Page 1-2)

Regional Grantee Policies (Page 1-3)

Family Centered Services (Page 1-5)

CHSC Early ACCESS Nutrition Guidelines

Early ACCESS Nutrition Brochure English

Early ACCESS Nutrition Brochure Spanish


Section 2: Child Find


Child Find

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 3: Referral



Thank You Letter (Page 3-6)

Results Letter (Page 3-7)


Section 4: Intake



There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 5: Post-Referral Screening


Post-Referral Screening EA Procedural Safeguards Manual 2013


Section 6: Hearing Screen/Re-Screen/Assessment


Hearing Screen/Re-Screen/Assessment

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 7: Initial Evaluation and Assessment 


Initial Evaluation and Assessment

Guidance on Family Directed Assessment Practices(Page 7-19)

Nutrition Checklist

PEACH Questionnaire English

PEACH Questionnaire Spanish


Section 8: Eligibility Determination


Eligibility Determination

Eligibility Criteria

Informed Clinical Opinion Guidance


Section 9: Interim IFSP


Interim IFSP

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 10: Service Coordination


Service Coordination Family Centered Services (Page 10-2)


Section 11: Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO)


Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO)

Decision Tree for ECO Summary Rating (Page 11-3)

Guidance for Understanding ECO (Page 11-3)


Section 12: Initial IFSP 


Initial IFSP

EA Procedural Safeguard Manual 2013

First Service Delivery Documentation Guidance


Section 13: Ongoing Assessment


Ongoing Assessment Stop IFSP Services Letter (Page 13-7)


Section 14: Periodic IFSP


Periodic IFSP

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 15: Annual IFSP


Annual IFSP


Annual Eligibility Determination Decision Flowchart (Page 15-2)



Section 16: Transition Plan


Transition Planning Transition Toolbox (Page 16-2)


Section 17: Transition C to B


Transition C to B

Eligibility Guidance for Transition from EA to Sp Ed (Page 17-1)

Disability Is Suspected (Page 17-2)


Section 18: Transition to Other


Transition to Other

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


Section 19: Final Exit


Final Exit

Final Exit Code Flow Chart

Final Exit: Program Completion Prior to Age 3 (PMA)


Section 20: Procedural Safeguards


Procedural Safeguards

EA Procedural Safeguards Manual 2019

Talking Points for EA Procedural Safeguards Manual

Early ACCESS Surrogate Policy Q & A

Surrogate Parent Recommendation Form

Unobtainable Parent Signature Decision Tree


Section 21: Financial Resources


Financial Resources Infant Toddler Medicaid Program (Page 21-2)


Section 22: Interagency Collaboration


Interagency Collaboration

There are no guiding documents

 for this section.


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