Web IEP Administrators and IMS Data Entry Personnel Meeting Notes

12/02/08 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.



Review of Major Issues



Access to Students

Access Level

Student Access Limited by:

Changes effective


Teacher/Support Staff

IMS Service Assignments


Data Entry I & II

IMS Departments


System Manager

IMS Staff Demo - AEA field


Limited Administrator



System Administrator




Staff not having Districts or Buildings

            Check Access Level (above) to determine limiting source, i.e. Data Entry I is limited by IMS



Duplicate users with the same username (could be same person with two IMS Staff Demographic records or two different persons.  Result is the same.  The person can login, but may see no districts or buildings or the wrong districts and buildings.  The duplicate may not necessarily be in the same AEA.


New students required to be IC (Initial Consent) or OS (Out of State) when added.

This is primarily because there are no existing IEPs in the system.  This problem will go away once the IEPs are rolled over.  The add process looks for an existing service and/or an existing IEP to determine the Placement Code options when a student is added.   This has been a problem for the following circumstances:

·         Dropouts returning to school

·         Students moving to another school and new teacher wanting to start an IEP



Bug Reports that are not Bugs



Meeting Excusal form not available.

·          In V4, when the box was checked, the ‘Agreement to Excuse’ form popped up. 

·          In V5, the form does not pop up, it becomes available on the Additional Forms menu.

·          The “excusal” box must be checked near the bottom of the Meeting Notice for the ‘Agreement to Excuse’ form to be available on the Additional Forms menu.

·          If the student is eligible and there is a billable service on page F, the bottom boxes will be green.

·          If the student is NOT eligible and there is a billable service on page F, the bottom boxes will be black. 


Medicaid Parent Authorization form not printable

·          Even if the student has a Medicaid number and is currently eligible, the student must have a “Service with LRE Minutes” or “Service-no LRE Minutes” coded on Page F with a Medicaid billable service code selected, i.e. SS-speech, OT- occupational therapy.


Can’t print the EDW (Eligibility Determination Worksheet)

·          This form was not intended to be printed. 

·          The EDW data prints on the IMS Data Summary report.

·          The grayed out choice on the Print Menu will be removed in the future.


Can’t upload an Associated File

·          Our upload process looks at the final four characters of the file name to determine acceptability. 

·          Valid file name extensions:  .xls, .doc, or .pdf

·          Some Mac Office users have the “Append file extension” unchecked in the ‘Save’ properties.  This makes a file be named “Johns Speech Rubrics” instead of “Johns Speech Rubics.doc”. 


Delete Permission

·          In V4, the “Web IEP: Delete” permission controlled only the ability to delete an IEP. 

·          In V5 it also controls the ability to delete goals and additional forms. 

·          When staff accidentally create an additional goal or a duplicate additional form, they can’t clean up those accidental adds without the delete permission.


Locked out of IEP

·          The page locking features of V5 are much like V4. 

·          When a staff access an IEP page, for instance Page G, a lock is put on so that the first person accessing the page has “Write” access. 

·          Others attempting to access while a lock is in place will be given read only access. 

·          When the person navigates from Page G to Page I, the Page G lock is released and Page I is locked.

·          When a person “Logs Out” properly, all locks with their StaffID are released. 

·          If a staff person exits or quits the browser without logging out, all locks are left in place.

·          Every hour we run a process that releases locks that have been in place for more than two hours.  So a lock could stay in place for nearly three hours.

·          It is important to log out properly.


Printing Graphs

·          There must be scores entered for a graph to print when “Print All IEP Pages” is selected. 

·          If there are no scores entered, the graph must be generated and printed from the Graph Setup screen.



Bugs We Can’t Completely Fix



Educational Evaluation Report (EER)

There are multiple problems with the EER.  Two of the common items mentioned that we can’t fix are:

·         Not enough room to type in “Area of Concern: Data Source(s):”.  The length of this field is determined in the database.  We have expanded it from 50 to 64.  We can’t expand it beyond 64 characters.  We are limited to that for now.

·         There are 4 “Area of Concern:” groups.  This is hard coded and we cannot change this in V5.  This means persons wanting 5 “Area of Concern:” groupings are stuck as well as EERs only using one and wasting paper for the remaining three.


Timed out before two hour limit and loosing all the data entered.

·          This has been reported numerous times, we have not been able to duplicate this. 

·          Suggested options:

o        Option 1:  This is the only option which will allow the EER to be included in the archive files and satisfy the Incomplete Data Report on Initial IEPs.

§         Type the text in a word processor, possibly on the old EER template.

§         Copy and paste onto the form. 

o        Option 2:  Continue to use the Word Template and attach the file to the IEP.



Bug Report Process and Misuse



The count of bugs is 800 since November 1. 

·        Many are duplicates. 

·        Many have been reports of items that are not bugs.


Once submitted, the bug report goes into a “Bug Queue” which is accessible, by the programmers.

·          Bug Queue is new in V5.

·          An email of the report is sent to the submitter’s AEA Web IEP Administrator.

·          In V4 an email of the bug report was only sent to Kirby if it was approved.  Currently Kirby is getting an email at the same time as the IEP Administrator.

·          Priority of fixes:

o         Prior the release of V5, bugs were not addressed until they were verified by the Web IEP Administrator and Kirby.

o         In November just after the release of V5, the verified bug reports received priority. 

o         And in addition to putting priority on verified bugs, the programmers reviewed all reported bugs, verified and not yet verified.  They did some quick fixes before they were verified.

o         This quick fix activity will end in the near future.

·          There is some misuse of the Bug Report to request Web Administrators to assist a user with a specific problem that is not a Bug.  There are about 150 of these.

o         An example is bug #779.  Here is the explanation text from the report:

“Please delete the two "Consent for Initial Services" forms, as I added them by mistake.”

o         Respond to these types of requests by instructing the user to only report bugs with the Bug Report and to send any requests for help to you via a standard email.



Version 5 Rollout – Phase 2



We will complete the rollout of V5 this coming weekend by copying Implemented IEPs from V4 into V5.  Here are some important points to understand:

·          All IEPs currently in V4 will remain in V4.  They aren’t being moved, but are being copied.

·          Rollover will not occur until after 5:00 pm on Friday, December 5

·          You have until 5:00 pm Friday to Implement V4 IEPs and guarantee their consideration for rollover to V5.

·          The following IEPs will not be rolled over:

o        IEPs with a Meeting Date prior to July 1, 2007

o        Final Exit IEPs

o        Translation IEPs

o        IEPs in the Recycle Bin

o        IEPs with a status other than ‘IMP’ or ‘ARC’

·         IEPs will be “aligned” in V5 by IMS Child ID.   The child ID on the implemented V4 IEP must be identical to the IMS Child ID for that student.  This could be a potential problem for IEPs of students showing up in the V4 Merge Student screen.  It would be advisable to merge as many of these duplicates as possible before 5:00 pm Friday.  Please do so under the following guidelines:

o        Make sure the situation is a true duplicate.  If there is any doubt, don’t merge.  Unmerging is difficult and time consuming.

o        Merge one student at a time.  After  you copy the IMS Child ID to the IEP Child ID and click on ‘Save’, PLEASE WAIT for the screen to refresh and the merged student to disappear before moving on to the next student.   This can be a time consuming process, depending on the internet speed and the load on the server.



Add Student & Duplicate Students in Version 5


For existing students with services in IMS or IEPs existing in V5, the Add Student process doesn’t add a student.  It adds ACCESS to the existing students IEPs.


If a teacher adds a student access record to the Student List via the ‘Add Student’ button, the teacher should immediately see existing IEPs.  If they do not see IEPs, they should immediately know something isn’t correct.  They may have spelled the name incorrectly or used the wrong first name or nickname.  To correct this, the teacher to whom the student was added can delete the added access record or they can just wait and let it expire.


Part of the add student process is to create an IMS like child ID for every new added student.  This ID is stored in the student list file and must match the IMS Child ID for the IEPs to be attached to the added access record.


The problem will occur if they begin a new IEP for a student who is in IMS and who’s IEPs they should have access to, but do not.  This new IEP will have an incorrect child ID and this may create a duplicate situation.


There is no way to merge these students at the current time.  We will need to manually change the child ID for the added student and any subsequent IEPs.



Question:  If we have a new student in the Academy, who is assigned to a teacher there.  We can’t enter an IEP for that student.

Answer:  This is a control we have in place in the software intentionally.  As soon as you start a service for that student, the teacher can see that student.  During the count season, there is a window when IMS is locked down until the final count.  We are currently in that window.


Question:  Won’t this happen every count period?

Answer:  Yes, but once IEPs are in the system it will allow you to add a student.  We will be copying Implemented IEPs from V4 to V5 this weekend.  This should make the problem go away.


Question:  In V5 a number of web administrators have been changed to web managers.  Why was that?

Answer:  That change was implemented to limit the data that one individual can access.


Question:  What will happen to IEPs that roll over?

Answer:  Nothing will happen, if you need to have an IEP changed and it is initial, let me know and I can make the change.


Question:  If an IEP is not implemented before the roll over this weekend, where will the teacher access it?

Answer:  If an IEP is not implemented before the roll over, it will not be copied into V5 data.  Be sure to implement all IEPs before the end of the day on Friday.


Question:  Will amended IEPs roll over?

Answer:  Only amended IEPs that are implemented will roll over.


Question:  We need the nightly process to run prior the roll over, to include Friday’s INA to IMP.

Answer:  We will execute that section of the nightly process prior to rolling over the data.


Question:  I have the initial consent, have started the process and the student does not qualify.  Do I submit and finish the process?  And then all buttons turn green?

Answer:  Yes, you should submit and finish the process.  If this does not turn all buttons green, it may be a bug, let Kirby know.


Question:  Goal is printing on page 1 and page 2.  What can I do to correct that?

Answer:  You can download FireFox and use that.  That will fix the problem for now.  In the future we will address this issue. 


Question:  I am having problems with FireFox and IMS (run by Internet Explorer) running together.

Answer:  The problem is not FireFox and Internet Explorer running at the same time.  A problem occurs when there are multiple IMS tasks running at the same time.  Internet Explorer can only track one set of data at a time.  Solution:  do not run more than one IMS at a time.


Question:  Will you let me know then the bug has been handled?

Answer:  Yes, after the bug is fixed Kirby will email that it is fixed. 


Question.  Sometimes there is an answer to a submitted bug, and it is emailed only to the teacher.  Should we add Kirby to the email?

Answer:  Yes, add Kirby to the email.


·          Browser version, if there is an un-supported browser bug, it is marked.

·          We would like to see a unique reference number added to the Bug Queue.

·          What about adding the Student ID to the Bug Queue?


·          There were 155 new IEPs created after November 1st, when the add function button was removed.  We have determined that this may have been a result of cached memory which allowed the add function to execute the code and add the new IEP.

·          If there is an auto stamp record duplicate on 2 records, they will not roll over.  We will have to correct this manually.

·          The reason why the student shows up on a list is either that he has a service or has been manually added.  When a student moves from building to building, that is not a new record, just a new access.

·          If you don’t see an IEP for a student after Monday there may be a name or date of birth mismatch.


This is the end of the meeting notes.