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Donna Dannar 8/12/06 Regarding the Uniform Data Entry Practices: LRE I know the minutes indicate that Tom is going to check with Toni on the duration date issue with Amendments, but wanted to share some thoughts/concerns on the subject. Amendments do change the duration date or they wouldn't be called Amendments and there would be no need to enter them as such. For example, when an Amendment is written, it often changes the LRE%. That LRE% isn't in effect until the Amendment is written. The duration date then starts with the Amendment date and ends with the former IEP review date (this is the default in the system). It's much easier to track through the IMS (especially when you don't have the paperwork readily available to you when the duration dates are changed. These changes can impact the class/roster number, weighting, placement, etc. and those begin/end dates coincide with the Amendment dates). Please clarify for me.
Dennis Dykstra 8/18/06 Thanks for this question. It certainly needs to be clarified. An amendment meeting, while not restarting the clock, does change the IEP “duration from” date to the date of the amendment meeting. Only the “duration to” date remains the same.



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