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Lorna Schutz 8/12/06 We have a fear that if the LREs are left blank for any age, that just looking at it will not tell us whether an LRE is being investigated, missed, or is suppose to be blank. We used to have the option of "NA" prior to when the IMS went to the live system. Could we retrieve that code again to use for the Part C and 3-4 year olds? We have so many individuals doing data entry - and sometimes when doing data entry the fingers get crazy and you miss a key and hit "demo" and maybe the LRE doesn't take. Some may just ignore it when its not there and assume that means its suppose to be blank, if we start saying blank LREs are OK. This is a training issue I know -- but once the data entry personnel hear that a blank LRE is OK, we feel that it could make for some nightmares in data correction. Just wanted to run that past you to see if we could use the NA again - rather than leave an LRE blank.
Dennis Dykstra 8/18/06 Rather that reinstating the NA code, we have made a programming change to the services page of the IEP. Teachers and AEA support service providers will now have the option of choosing “Service with no LRE minutes”. When this type of service provision is used, “0s” are entered in the minutes column. IMS filters out LRE minutes for 3 and 4 year olds for federal reports. There should be no blanks in the minutes column for IEPs that are generated on the Web IEP or EIEP. You will need to check hand-written IEPs carefully for this as well as many other data items.



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