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45 Day Trial Out

Shelley White 8/18/06 I thought when entering a 45 day trial out we were to leave the Alternate Assessment and LRE the same as it was on the last IEP and not to enter 0 (unless it was 0 on the last IEP). Also in the Plan screen the Plan type would be FFD (I think this rolls the duration to 45 days after the 45 day trial out IEP date), but I didn’t know the Meeting type would be considered an Amendment. For an Amendment IEP, I never was quite sure what to put in the Meeting type field if anything (leave blank?). Please clarify.
Dennis Dykstra 8/18/06 There is only one 45 day trial out, an extra 45 days isn't allowed. At the end of a 45 day trial out, one of two things happens: In most cases, the student is exited from that goal or service area or sometimes from all special education services. When the trial out isn't successful for the student, then: If the student has an active IEP with other goal or service areas, The IEP is amended Amendments may be made in 2 different ways: An Amendment form may be filled out for minor changes to the IEP. There will not be a meeting type in these cases. An Amendment meeting is held for most changes. IEP Teams follow your AEA procedures and guidance to determine which method is appropriate. If the student was on a 45 day trial for exiting all special education services, a Review meeting or occasionally a Reevaluation meeting will be held to develop the IEP to meet the student's needs.



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