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Uniform Data Entry Procedure: Exit

Shelley White 8/18/06 In regard to Uniform Data Entry Practice Exit…I have reservations about the proposal for not entering the exit IEP in the plan screen. This would be documentation/historical data that the exit meeting was held. If the Alternate Assessment and LRE reflect the last IEP’s Alternate Assessment and LRE and the duration would be the same date as the exit IEP (example: from 1/1/06 to 1/1/06). Why would we not document the exit IEP if we document every other IEP?
Dennis Dykstra 8/18/06 Most of us are guilty of describing different types of IEPs rather that more correctly talking about different types of meetings held to generate an IEP. The Individual Education Program is a plan for the services that will be provided for the student during the next school year. Most students with a final exit code are students who are graduating or aging-out. For these students, there is usually an exit meeting, what is generated at that meeting is the Post Secondary Summary, rather than a new IEP. That is why there is no Exit meeting type at the top of Page A of an IEP. The Post Secondary Summary has no duration date. For students that return to general education or are moving out of the district, AEA, or state, There is seldom an exit meeting held. In these cases, the last meeting held is usually a Review meeting.



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