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Transition Planning

Patti Brown 8/31/06 I have an IEP for a student who is incarcerated. Within the text of this IEP it states that transition planning is not required for students who will age out of eligibility before they are released from prison. Currently there is no active service for this student on IMS. The student is age 19, but was recently transferred from one facility to another. I am not sure I have ever heard of this, aging out thing. Can you help me? Thanks
Toni Van Cleve 9/5/06 The IEP text is correct. It is not necessary to address transition planning in IEPs for incarcerated students who will turn 21 before his or her release from prison. The code actually makes sense, because the student will be remaining in prison and so will not be transitioning to new living, learning, or working situations. A student who reaches the age of 21 is said to be “aging-out” because students in Iowa are served from Birth to age 21. An IEP must have at least one active service. In almost all cases, the service listed for prison inmates is “Specially Designed Instruction.” If there is no longer a need for specially designed instruction, the IEP would be completed and the inmate would be staffed out of Special Education Services.



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