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Early Childhood Outcomes

Keely Ruby 9/1/06 We received Early Childhood Outcome Summary (ECOS) instruction on 02/24/2006. This instruction was for Initial IEP/IFSP's. We were told we did not have to go back and enter those dated prior to 02/24/2006. That turned out to be incorrect. We were given a long list in August to go back and have staff fill in for the missing ECOS, which was to be completed 09/01/2006. That is now done. We were told at the 02/24/2006 meeting that we would POSSIBLY start entering ECOS for Annuals, 3 yrs, and Exits, on 07/01/2006. We have never been instructed to do so. Question #1: Should we be entering the ECOS for Annuals, 3 yrs, and Exits? When looking at the data verification report for ECOS, it is giving all, Initials, Annuals, 3 yrs, and Exits dated 02/01/2006, or after. Question #2: If we do have to start entering ECOS for Annuals, 3 yrs, and Exits, as of 07/01/2006, do we have to go back in time to 02/01/2006, to clean up the Data Verification Report? Thank you!
Toni Van Cleve 9/5/06 Q #1: Early Childhood Outcomes Summary data for Section 1 were to be entered for all Initial IEPs and IFSPs from 2/1/2006 on. Q #2: Starting on 7/1/06, Both Section 1 and Section 2 data are to be entered for all IEP Reviews and Reevaluations and for all IFSP Annual Reviews and Final Exits.



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