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Patti Brown 9/21/06 Below is the text of an email I received from a teacher. Rather than give her incorrect information I wanted to double check with someone "out there". Please explain this again. Thank you. Hello there! At our most recent team meeting, we discussed students being served in the LRE as much as possible. As our conversation continued, a few of us had questions regarding how to correctly fill out page F with pull-out/inclusion minutes. Our normal school day (except Wednesday) has a total of 420 minutes. On Wednesdays, due to early outs, we only have 360 minutes. Are we hurting our LRE percentages because we do not reflect the Wednesday schedule when calculating special ed times for students? Does it matter? Is there a way for us to reflect the normal days (M, T, TH, F) included in with Wednesday? Any thoughts are welcome. As it stands, many of the special education teachers find it difficult to get the daily minutes in for students on Wednesdays because we are an hour short.
Toni Van Cleve 10/4/06 The best way to handle particular case is: 1. Instead of using the minutes per day, calculate the minutes per week (in this case 2040 min/week) and then divide the minutes by 5 (school days in a week) which would make the overall "school day" 408 min/day. This would require a change in the length of the school day in IMS by AEA data entry staff. 2. Since the minutes that the student actually spends in each setting is what is reflected on the IEP, that part of the calculation should be correct. If the early-outs cause differences in the student's schedule, it is probably best to figure out and enter the student's minutes per week rather than per day.



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