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Early Childhood Outcomes

Joan Finck 9/28/06 I have another question regarding entering ECO information on the Results screen. When a child is 3-5 and has actual IEP results, how do we enter the ECO responses in addition to them? Do we number them as goals following the existing goal results (i.e. Goals 4,5,and 6 after actual goal results), or do we give them a different sequence, so we will have goal results from 9/15/05
Toni Van Cleve 10/4/06 These data are entered into the same fields as are used for IEP Results. However, the EC Outcomes are more like "test scores" than goals. So: 1. Enter a goal/outcome number, continue on with the numbering. 2. Use the appropriate Code (AS, BE, SE) in the goal/outcome code field. 3. Enter the conclusions as you would for IEP Results.



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