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Exit Codes

Joan Finck 10/23/06 I understand the need to "clean up" the exit codes for students for last school year who were listed as CAD or CRD and didn't get re-entered. However, is there a reason we need to go back farther than that? The report is showing kids who exited 2 or more years ago. Also, when a kid exits the attending district (different than resident), and doesn't show up again anywhere else, how do we know what code to use? Where do we enter the updated code?Do we enter a new service in the resident AEA, and exit them back out the same date, putting in the new code? Or does the last attending district's exit code need to be changed? After all, they didn't show up at the resident district, so how can we say they were served there again? Thanks for any additional guidance you can give.
John Lee 10/24/06 I can't think of any reason ( for federal reporting purposes)to go back any further than correcting the most recent past year that far (at this point in time). Use the code that best describes the situation until you obtain better information. The IEP team or AEA certified staff assigned responsibility for gathering the data for the data entry staff should gather that data and also be part of the follow up for students who change roster or resident districts or service information. The Attending is (by agreement) the “entering” AEA. The “entering” AEA has a responsibility to keep the Resident informed of changes in the student's record. In cleaning up the exit information especially for students “on the move” it is a shared responsibility. There are data verification checks to help remind AEAs of students who were changing Resident (CRD), Attending (CAD) Moved out of AEA to another AEA (MAK) and who do not show up after a reasonable period of time. If you need to update (correct) a code it would need to be entered on the same screen as the original entry for each and all services affected by an exit on that date. As answer to last 2 questions, no, you can correct the exit entry or entries affected by the new or correcting code. You do not enter a new service and then exit the child to correct the situation.



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