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Donna Dannar 11/2/06 This is the first time I've come across this situation and need the DE's advice on what exit code to use: L2 student has been found to be a resident of one district attending another. OE papers were not filed. The attending district has advised that the parents are paying out of pocket for the special education needs of the student and should be exited from IMS (or at least changed to non-wtd) as no district should receive funds in this situation. So can I simply use CRD, change the resident district and make this a non-wtd student for this count cycle? And is this a legitimate issue/resolution? Please advise. Thanks
John Lee 8/20/07 Use of CRD would leave the record perpetually appearing on the verification reports, since it is set up to look for where the child would be resurfacing in IMS. The parents could change their mind on this at any time and the district could be "on the hook" for the cost, thus not counting the child is not an attractive option. Leave the child in the current district and weighted in case the parents change their minds.



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