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Early Childhood Outcomes

Michelle Tressel 3/23/07 (This question was sent to the Bureau via e-mail and is being recorded here.) One of our data entry persons believes she recalls from our training that if a field on the ECO Summary form is blank, we are to leave it blank and continue on. I wanted to check with you on my understanding of the matter. I couldn't find specifically in my notes where it says to return forms for correction if any of the data fields are left blank, but I've been doing that based on the "integrity of data" philosophy. Is this not necessary?
Dee Gethmann 3/23/07 Regarding the ECO Summary form, there cannot be blanks in sections a or b in any of the ECO Areas (SE, AS or BE). The IFSP or IEP Teams need to check a "#" in section a, and "Yes", "No" or "Not Applicable because it is child's Initial IFSP/IEP meeting" in section b. If these sections are not complete, I am asking that the data entry staff return the form to the appropriate staff in order to gather complete data. However, in section c not all of the items under "Method Used" may have been checked; therefore, there would not be data entered if the teams did not check a particular "Method" such as Record Review, Interview, Observation or Test/Assessment. If the Teams did check a "Method Used" and then left the other data fields blank pertaining to that method used, then, again I am asking that the form be returned in order to gather the complete information. Michelle and I did say during the training that on the "Source of Information" and "Summary of Relevant Results" in section c, that the data entry staff should not make corrections in spelling or abbreviations that the teams may have used in these data fields containing written information. Data entry staff would type in what the IFSP and IEP Teams put on the form. The ECO Summary forms need to be returned if required information is missing so the IFSP or IEP Team can accurately complete this information. As a part of my SPP reporting to OSEP, I have reported that the data entry staff are responsible for checking the "integrity of data" in terms of completed forms and data entry. The IFSP and IEP Teams are responsible for ensuring that the data being recorded are complete, valid and reliable. Please contact me if you have questions or comments about the ECO Summary form.



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