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Resident Building

Brandy Folken 8/29/07 in Regards to Resident Building, Obviously when the Resident District changes we close services and open a new record, but if the Res. Dist. is still the same and the Res. Building is changing (due to address change) do we still close the services and reopen or just over write the existing Res. Building in each service? In Cedar Rapids we have lots of families that move within the district constantly which changes the Resident Building most of the time.
John Lee 9/7/07 Resident Building: This is the building (school) number within the child's resident district that he or she would under normal circumstances attend if not for receiving special education services in accord with an IEP. This definition retains the concept of where the child/parent resides and the funding responsibility for his/her special education program. This is not currently being treated as a field that would be tracked historically. It should be changed if the child's resident district changes or as the child's building would change as the he or she would progress through the district's education "path" from elementary-middle-Jr High-High School. If a child changes addresses within a district but not change the catchment area he or she is in then there is no need to change the resident building. If the change in address causes the child to be in a different building catchment area then the resident building should be changed. Change of the resident building alone is not a reason to close services or enter an exit code. If the child changes attending district or building he or she may or may not change resident buildings, unless it is through the normal district progression as previously mentioned.



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