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Resident Building

Joan Finck 9/12/07 2 Resident Building Questions for John - What is the resident district is listed as a state, i.e. "Nebraska." What do we use for the building then. We have no actual district listed, and there are only "special buildings" listed. Also, What if there is no resident building? Clearfield, for example, has no high school. If the child's resident district is Clearfield, what do we list for the resident building? The attending building won't work, and wouldn't make sense here. thanks. Joanie
John Lee 4/18/08 Resident Building Questions: 1.)Child coming from another state into Iowa. Preschool use 0300 Elementary use 0400 Jr High Middle use 0200 High School use 0101 2.) Student from an Iowa district where there may no longer be a resident building because of a whole grade sharing arrangement Use building 0100 for whole grade "sharers". NOTE: Before assigning ANY new numbers check the current master list for out of state numbers so that duplicate numbers are not assigned to the same out of state facility.



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