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60 Day Timeline

Patti Brown 10/3/07 A student was evaluated last spring, found eligible for services, and an IEP was written in April of 2007. Mother refused to consent to services. She has now decided to give consent. The IEP team decided to use the IEP as written in April. My question is this: On the eligibility screen, I have entered MA for mutual agreement for a reason meeting not held. Now that she is going to receive SE services, do I need to remove the reason code and use a meeting date of 10/01/07? A new consent form was not signed, so a new record didn't seem appropriate. Thanks.
Toni Van Cleve 12/4/07 This question has a couple of issues that need to be addressed. The description of events sounds like there was an evaluation, a meeting was held, eligibility was determined, and the mother declined services. If that is the case, it appears the "Eligibility Data Worksheet" was not completed correctly. It should have recorded under "Determination" - A. Student is Eligible - Yes, and Parent(s) decline services. The scenario also indicates that a code "MA" was entered, which indicates that no meeting was held. If the parent was not in attendance, there was no IEP Team, so eligibility could not be determined. The evaluators may have had a "hunch" that if the IEP Team met, the student might have been determined to be eligible, but without this meeting, there is no eligibility determination. In cases where no meeting held,and several months have passed since the evaluation was completed, a new "Consent for Evaluation" should be signed by the parent. This should be a new record and will restart the 60 day timeline. It would be possible in the case described, for the parent to sign a new Consent for Evaluation, the IEP team could determine eligibility, and the IEP could be agreed upon all within the same meeting. Then there would not need to be a Reason for Delay or a Reason the meeting was not held.



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