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Data Verification Report

Joan Finck 2/19/08 We have a student who is showing up on the Data Verification Report (Required Data), and who will always show up there, as he has gone to Competent Private Instruction. According to the report, follow-up is needed. In reality, no follow-up is needed. Is there a way we can get the system to stop pulling the CPI exits??? (Michelle T said according to the information she has, a child with an exit code of CPI is supposed to be re-activated within 30 days.? Follow-up is needed by the last known attending district. However, this doesn't make sense to me. If a student is being home schooled, why would the district need to be followed up within 30 days, and if that is the case and the kid is still being home schooled, what do we change the exit code to????
Toni Van Cleve 2/19/08 This answer focuses on the reason why the student with a CPI will show up on a data verification report. It does not address when such a code should or should not be used by an IEP team. CPI (Competent Private Instruction, with an IEP) is a Roster Change code. This code is used when a student will be receiving instruction via home schooling or in a non-accredited school and the IEP continues. Since the student will be continuing in Iowa special education, the IMS system checks that the student has at least one service in IMS. If this is not the case within 30 days, the student's name appears on the Data Verification Report until that student has at least one active service in IMS. CPN is a code that also addresses Competent Private Instruction. One key difference between CPI and CPN is that CPN is a final exit code. CPN (Competent Private Instruction, no IEP) is to be used when a student will receive instruction via home schooling or a non-accredited school AND the Iowa IEP is inactivated. Since the student is no longer receiving special education, the IMS system will not check that there is at least one active service.



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