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Exit Codes

Joan Finck 2/19/08 Another questions centers around the Denison Job Corps program. Normally, kids who enroll in this program must be listed as dropouts, as it is a GED program. However, apparently they now have another program kids can enroll in that is targeted at getting their diploma. Since that is the case, would they be listed as dropout, or some other designation?
Toni Van Cleve 2/19/08 You are correct that students attending the Denison Job Corps Program have been traditionally designated as dropouts because of the GED program. If there is a new program that is targeted to help kids get their diplomas, that program would be coded as a change of attending district and building, which would have a roster change code of CAD rather than a final exit. It seems that the biggest problem will be determining which program a student will be entering.



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