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DHS Numbers

Mary Jo Nordheim 3/13/08 For the DHS numbers we need for preschools, I have gotten some 10 digit numbers. Where we enter these numbers on the IMS, there is only room for a 7 digit number. Will this be changed?
Shelley Ackerman 4/16/08 This is the response from Jeff Anderson at DHS-- ...regarding the registration and license numbers. These are 7 digit numbers. When parent or providers are asked for their number, I an suspecting that they are providing you with their provider agreement number to provide subsidized child care for a particular child. This is a longer number and does have several zeros. This is not the same number as their registration or license number. A family may have a child care provider, who is legally operating as non-registered, but could be providing subsidized care, thus have a provider agreement number with DHS. But, obviously, they would not have a registration number. This is only a guess, not knowing who is providing the IEP team with a number.



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