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Amendment and LRE

Marci Klinkefus 3/17/08 In the following situation is an amendment needed to update the LRE in the IMS in the fall? A child is transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. The annual review IEP meeting is held in March. Future services for the fall (kindergarten) are listed on the new IEP. The LRE for future services is much greater than the LRE for current services. Is an amendment needed to update the LRE? Please advise. Also, is the LRE for preschoolers supposed to be entered on the plan screen? Or is the A or B code sufficient? Please advise. (If the LRE is not entered, the child will appear on the Required Data Report when he turns 6.)
Toni Van Cleve 3/17/08 Our guidance has been that, in the fall,an amendment should be made. In most cases, the changes will have been discussed with the parent when the future services were entered. So, an amendment without a meeting is appropriate, assuming the parent agrees. The LRE would then be fixed to correctly reflect the LRE in place for the fall and for Child Count. The services for the preschool child should be recorded on page F, just as they are for a school age child. If the "A" code is selected, the LRE is calculated from the services listed on Page F in order to determine the correct "A" code. If a "B" code is selected, that is what will be used for LRE, but all of the services would still be listed on Page F.



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