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Exit Codes

Angela Glaser 3/28/08 I have a student with a resident district of New Hampton and the last attending was Four Oaks in Independence. From what I understand he left Four Oaks and was sent to the Dubuque County jail to await sentencing. After that, he was to be placed at the correctional facility in West Union. My question is, what exit code should we use since we no longer have the "ICR" for incarcerated? Right now, the exit code is listed as "CAD" because they were under the assumption that he was returning to N.H., but that never happened. Thank you for your help!
John Lee 3/31/08 It does not appear that the resident district has or will change with the court action or placement in a correctional facility to continue the receipt of the Iowa IEP services. Given the information provided the CAD would be appropriate.
Angela Glaser 3/31/08 He is not continuing on an IEP, there is no educational program in this correctional facility. Is exit code CAD still appropriate?
John Lee 4/18/08 If through the incarceration process it was determined that the IEP was complete or no longer needed for the student then RRC would be appropriate. The decision on the IEP eligible or not eligible is made as a part of the intake process (at Oakdale).



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