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Intervention Screen

Lauri Jennisch 5/1/08 Regarding the IMS Intervention Screen and how to enter general education Intensive Plans: This is how the majority of our AEA 10 IMS entry folks complete this page, but we are not sure this is correct. Begin Date: start date of Intervention Plan End Date: end date of Intervention Plan when team makes a decision about student instructional needs (discontinue, add another, continue, consider SE eligibility) Initiation Date: start date of Intervention Plan (as above) Date 1 Date 2 Date 3: This is variable. Some use for intervention changes, others use for IEP initiation We know that the state manual for Child Find will probably create some statewide consistency that may clear this up as well. Thanks.
Toni Van Cleve 5/7/08 The use of the IMS Intervention screen is optional. Therefore, any procedures relative to entering general education intensive plans should be directed to your AEA's special education director or IMS manager. For the 2008-2009 school year, LEA and AEA staff will be able to enter data on instructional plans in the Iowa Instructional Plan application, an application that is currently used in AEAs 10 and 15. (Please note that there will be a few minor changes to this application.) There are no plans for data on instructional plans to be entered into the IMS Intervention screen. In short, even though there will be some statewide procedures for Child Find, it is likely that the use of the IMS Intervention screen will not be required. Data on interventions will be pulled from the Iowa Instructional Plan database. Even more importantly – for federal reporting purposes, the Initiation date on the Intervention screen has nothing to do with an IEP. As a result, the Bureau is not using data from the Intervention screen for 60 day timelines. All data for the high stakes 60 day timeline come from the Eligibility Data Worksheet and is subsequently entered into the Consent and Eligibility screen. Therefore, if your AEA uses the optional Intervention screen, you are still required to use the Consent and Eligibility screen. Remember: the date the signed consent is received at the school or the AEA starts the clock ticking for the 60 day timeline. The date of the IEP eligibility meeting stops the clock. By using the initiation date from the Intervention screen inappropriately, you could be starting the clock even before the Consent for Evaluation has been sent to the parent, thereby giving the IEP team less time to do the evaluation. Sometimes the Consent for Evaluation is given to the parent in April or May, but not returned to the school until the beginning of the next school year. Using the date from the Intervention screen would make the IEP meeting due during the summer, automatically making the 60 day timeline for this student non compliant. It is very important to use the date the signed Consent for Evaluation was received by the agency as the starting date. You will find the correct date on the Eligibility Data Worksheet. If the data entry personnel have any questions about the Uniform Data Entry Procedures for the Consent and Eligibility screen, please contact Michelle.



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