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Domicile Building

Joan Finck 6/6/08 This question was asked by one of our SLPs, but feel like this needs to be addressed state-wide. On the front page of the IEP where it asks for domicile building, we have a question as to what to put there for preschool kids who don?t attend any preschool, but are brought in to some location for speech services only. We have some SLPs who, if the child comes in to a school building for speech services only, they put down that building as the domicile building. This is a little misleading as the child does not attend the building for anything except speech services. Because of this other SLPs put down home intervention as the domicile building even though we don?t serve part B children in the home, but these children don?t attend a setting other than home. We currently list the Resident District for these preschoolers as Home Intervention, since they are not at mandatory attendance age. Is there something else we can use for Resident District that would indicate "Home." Thanks.
Toni Van Cleve 1/20/09 The Domicile Building is the neighborhood school the child will attend for Kindergarten. The Resident District if the district in which the child lives. The attending building is where the student receives the majority of his or her services. In the case you describe the attending building would be 8000.



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