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Early Childhood Program Type

Michelle Tressel 8/7/08 Submitted on behalf of a data entry person: In regard to the EC program type.. We are to put in the correct EC program type for each teacher/program. If an OT works in the same building, there is typically only one roster number for that service provider (e.g. XXXX YYYY OT0 01). This works fine as support service staff typically have their rosters printed building by building. So, even if a building has 3 different EC programs, there is just one roster code or record for the OT in that building. If the OT serves three different programs in that building, which EC program type will be used as there is only record for that building for the OT?
Dee Gethmann 8/21/08 Assigning an Early Childhood Type of Program: On the Service Location Screen, the Early Childhood Type of Program will be assigned for each of the three different programs in the building in which the OT provides services. There may be an Early Childhood Center that houses three early childhood programs that are different types of programs. Under these circumstances, enter the appropriate EC Program Type for each program based on the information provided for each of the codes in IMS (see screen shot below). For example, the three programs housed in one building may include the following scenarios with three different EC Type of Program code assigned based on the programs in which the OT provides services: First child served in the Head Start (EC Type of Program = HDS); Second child served in the ECSE self-contained program (EC Type of Program = ESC); and Third child served in the Preschool that is licensed by DHS (EC Type of Program = PSD). Roster Information: To accommodate multiple EC programs in the same building that has different Early Childhood Type of Program Codes, use a different sequence number in the Service Location screen. For example, if an OT serves three early childhood programs in the same building, for Early Childhood Program #1, use OT1; for Early Childhood Program #2, use OT2; for Early Childhood Program #3, use OT3. This will allow the data entry person to enter a different EC code for each program. The Uniform Data Entry Procedures are posted at: http://www.aeaims.k12.ia.us/udp.htm.



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