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Uniform Data Entry Procedures: Consent and Eligibility

Glenda Suckow 8/22/08 I read the Part C Data Entry Procedures for Consent and Eligibility Determination and am not clear. If we get a new request on a child Birth-3, we screen that child and does not go on to any service, do we enter anything in the Eligibility screen in IMS?
Glenda Suckow 9/18/08 If a child is evaluated for Early ACCESS but found not eligible, do we still enter the Intake/Referral date in the Eligibility screen? What tells you that the child was not eligible?
Dee Gethmann 9/18/08 The Data Entry personnel only input data for children that are being referred for an evaluation. Therefore, the Part C Data Entry Procedures for Eligibility Determination accurately states that, “Only children who are being evaluated for initial placement into Part C services will have data entered per this procedure.” The Data Entry personnel will enter on the “Consent and Eligibility" the date that is recorded as the “Intake/Referral date.” Note: The 45-day timeline begins on this date. A screening is not an appropriate diagnostic evaluation tool to use for Early ACCESS Eligibility Determination.



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