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Service Coordination as a Service

Mary Jo Nordheim 8/28/08 Regarding adding the Service Coordination as a service, should we be putting in minutes per month?
Dee Gethmann 10/23/08 Yes, minutes per month should be entered for services that are Service Coordination. This is because the duration, frequency and intensity for Service Coordination must meet requirements of the Early ACCESS and Medicaid policy. Therefore, data entry personnel need to enter the minutes per a given time frame as documented on the IFSP Early Intervention Services template. Data entry personnel may encounter a large number of minutes per year recorded for Part C Service Coordination in order to meet Medicaid policy requirements. On the IMS Service Information screen, enter the following information about Service Coordination from the IFSP Early Intervention Services: •In the IMS “Sessions Per Day/Week/Month/Year” field, enter the # of sessions per a given time frame listed on the IFSP for “Frequency” (How often/sessions per). •In the IMS “Minutes Per Session/Day/Week/Month/Year” field, enter the minutes per a given time frame listed on the IFSP for “Intensity” (minutes per session). Remember, only for Part C Service Coordination, data are captured on both the IMS Plan and Service Information screens. Only for Part C Service Coordination, the Medicaid claim forms are generated from the IMS Plan screen.



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