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Early Childhood Outcomes

Donna Dannar 9/3/08 ECO Summary - With regard to the ECO Summary - we are in need of some clarification for the PK to K population. We are already requiring Amendments for PK to K transitions, including an ECO Summary; but since Early Childhood is defined as the 3-5 population, does a child who has transitioned to Kindergarten need an ECO Summary at review (or reeval) if he/she is still 5 years old? Or do we just establish that no ECO Summary is required after transition to Kindergarten, period?? (Even though the EC code is required for any child not yet 6). Please advise. Thanks
Dee Gethmann 9/5/08 Complete the Early Childhood Outcomes Summary (ECO Summary) for preschool children from age three to a child's exit from early childhood special education services (instructional or support) on an IEP. The age of the child is NOT used as a criteria for completing ECO. Therefore, a child who changes services from ECSE (PK) into Kindergarten must have an ECO Summary at the time the child no longer receives PK services.



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