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School Facility Types

John Lee and Amy Williamson 9/10/08 From the August 26, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: In regard to school facility types, what code should be used if the building is a preschool?
John Lee and Amy Williamson 9/10/08 The facility code is applicable to a group of classes in facilities housing K-12 or some variation of grades K-12. If a building houses only preschool programs, it is a preschool building and doesn't currently need a facility code. It is anticipated that there are a relatively limited number of preschool buildings in the state. In short, if a building houses other K-12 programs in addition to preschool programs, it is not a preschool building and will need a school facility code. If there is a preschool building, please note that the building number schematic for a preschool building is as follows: - Operated by a public school district: 0300 – 0399 range - Operated by an accredited, non-public school: 8300 – 8399 range - Operated by a private entity: 7060 – 7099 It is recognized that the numbering conventions for an accredited, non-public school or a private entity preschool buildings are new and additional numbers may need to be added.



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