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IFSP Templates

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: What is the effective date of the IFSP templates?
Dee Gethmann 9/11/08 Data entry personnel need to enter data from the IFSP templates as they are received from IFSP Teams. The IMS Training on Monday, August 25 was to prepare data entry personnel to enter these data effective immediately. The memo sent to the Early ACCESS leadership stated that we expect all AEAs and Signatory Agencies to train staff to use the IFSP templates by October 1, 2008. Each agency needs to develop a plan for their service coordinators to use the new IFSP templates as initial, annual, periodic, and transition meetings are held. All agencies and staff would be using the new IFSP templates by November 1, 2008. (The exception being for those IFSP periodic/annual reviews not yet scheduled to be held because of the review date.)



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