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45 Day Timeline

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: Is case closure on an Intake/Referral still required?
Dee Gethmann 9/11/08

Yes, the IFSP teams will provide these data on the IFSP Template labeled, “Intake/Referral”. The Part C information contained in the Uniform Data Entry Procedures: Consent and Eligibility Determination accurately states that, “Only children who are being evaluated for initial placement into Part C services will have data entered per this procedure.” The Data Entry personnel will continue to enter on the “Consent and Eligibility Screen” the date that is recorded as the “Intake/Referral date.”

The DE is reviewing the need to collect data via IMS if an evaluation for initial placement is closed prior to completion of the evaluation. The DE is considering the need to add a field, “Meeting Not Held Reason” on the “Consent and Eligibility Screen” in order to capture these data. More information will be forthcoming.



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