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Exit Codes

Donna Dannar 9/22/08 I'm sorry, but I'm not clear on the answer to the Exit Code question. What exactly does "200X +1" mean for the end of the school year? + an entire year?? And, so (for example) we are to change the previous entry (exit reason) for a student who "dropped out" DRO on 7/1/2007 if they returned to school on 9/14/08 to CRI or CRD (whichever applies)??
John Lee 9/22/08 Since the child in the example exited at the beginning of the school year (exactly) and it was 14+ months before re-entry the DRO would stand. The IEP would probably have expired (older than one year) and would need to do another IEP. 200X +1 for the end of the school year means that 200X is the start of the year say 2006 with the end being then 200X +1 or 2007. The school year is July 1 through June 30.
Michelle Tressel 9/10/08 From the August 26, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: What change/final exit reason should be used if a student drops out of school and then returns?
John Lee and Amy Williamson 9/10/08 If the student returns within the school year (July 1 200x to June 30, 200x+1) then the exit code could be a CRD or CRI, whichever is appropriate. A new service record would be entered with the date the service started. If the student returns after the end of the school year (June 30, 200x+1), the record stands as is for that year's exit file.



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