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IFSP Intake/Referral Form

Mary Jo Nordheim 9/30/08 On the new IFSP Intake/Referral form, does this form take the place of the old Consent for Evaluation? Is this form used for screenings? Is the Intake/Referral Date the date that the parents consent to the evaluation, not a screening?
Shelley Ackermann 10/1/08 The intake/referral form is to take the information called in by a referral source who has a concern about a child's development. It may lead to a screening for further information, provision of information to a parent, or a request for full evaluation. There is still a consent for evaluation that must be completed for any child who is going to be evaluated for Early ACCESS eligibility and services. The date of referral/intake is the date of the call regarding the concern about the child's development. It starts the 45 day timeline. It is very different than Part B and is NOT when consent is received.



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