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Exit Code for Student Enrolled in GED

Donna Dannar 10/15/08 In the past, we've been told that when a student enrolls in a GED program, he/she is to be entered in IMS as a drop. I've recently received information that seems to be contrary to this information stating that when a student has earned his/her GED, but continues to participate in educational programs to further attempt to complete a high school diploma beyond the GED, they can be reinstated. I wasn't aware that a HS diploma could be obtained after a GED. Is this correct information?? Please advise. Thanks
Toni Van Cleve 11/17/08 There has been no change to the drop out definition. Students have to drop out in order to get a GED. If a student wanted to return to high school and complete his or her course work and receive a regular diploma, the student would still be eligible. The IEP team would decide if it was appropriate to just reactivate the IEP or if a new IEP were required. It would fall to an IMS data person to reinstate the student in IMS.



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