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Donna Dannar 10/16/08 What is the correct method for setting up an LRE Monitor in IMS? There used to be a code for this, but it has been inactivated so I've been using HV, which I know isn't correct, but . . . We have several preschool programs that are taught by general education teachers (where they are currently rostered with a 300XX roster number) and monitored by a special education teacher (with an HV support number as LRE monitor). These LRE monitors used to be AEA employees but have shifted now to the LEA. (It's getting quite confusing as some of the LEA special education teachers serve dual roles as the PK special education teacher in some buildings and PK program LRE monitor in other buildings (sometimes across districts). Previous methods used are now coming into question, I'm guessing due to the shift of responsibility to the LEA. Please advise Thanks
Toni Van Cleve 11/17/08 If the LRE Monitoring is being done by LEA Staff, you would use specially designed instruction, or SD to describe this activity. It may be written on a separate row if teachers want to keep the different assignments distinct, or it may just be included in the same row with the instructional description. We don't need this information for count data, but it could be used for rostering.



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