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IFSP Other Services

Vonnie Ross 10/21/08 Per our October ICN meeting, we had an EC representative explain to us that when we have an IFSP Other Services Page, we should code those services with OHC. Whenever I try to enter OHC under the Staff Demographic Service Screen, it automatically changes it to OH0. Please let me know why this is happening & what we are to do from here. Thanks!
Dee Gethmann 10/23/08 On the IFSP Other Services form, there are five choices for Other Services. If a provider type of CHSC, Hospital-based, Clinic/Private, Public Health Agency is chosen, use the code OH (Other Health). The code should be OH0, not OHC. If the Provider choice of Other is checked: then use OE (Other Early Intervention Services) code. We apologize for any misunderstanding. Refer to the Data Entry Personnel Meeting Minutes from 10/7/08 for additional information about the IFSP Other Services form at: http://www.iowaidea.org/pages/uploaded_files/M081007.htm



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