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IFSP Early Intervention Services Form

Mary Jo Nordheim 1/5/09 A question on the new IFSP Early Intervention Services Form. If a child was exited from services because they no longer needed them or because they turned 3, we used the code CRI because nothing else fit. Now it is showing upon the Required Data list as needing follow-up. What code should be used?
Toni Van Cleve 1/20/09 For a child that exits Early Access, Final Exit Reason codes must be used. These are listed on the IFSP Transition Plan. Based on the information in the question, the code to be used would be PMA for completion of the IFSP prior to reaching maximum age (3). For children who turn three, the code to use would depend on the IFSP team's decisions made during the transition process. For a child who is not being referred to Part B, the final exit reason would be either EOP or ENR whichever is appropriate. CRI would not be used because it would indicate that the child would be continuing to receive Early Access Services. The codes on the IFSP Early Intervention Services form for discontinue/change reasons are only used if the child is continuing in Part C.



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