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Automatic Redirect to IMS Server

for data entry personnel only

If you have noticed that your bookmark for the IMS or web IEP application doesn’t match the URL in your browser’s address bar, please read on.

You may recall that when the IEP server was brought on-line a few years ago, data entry personnel were encouraged to continue using the URL for the IMS server.  This would still allow you to access the web IEP.  However, the CPC staff felt that if the data entry personnel would use a server with less traffic, there would be one less variable to impact performance.  Data entry  personnel were also encouraged to not provide the IMS URL to teachers and support staff.

Over the past few months, we noticed that more and more data entry personnel are using the IEP URL rather than the IMS URL.  In an attempt to help balance the loads on servers, you will automatically be redirected to the IMS server.  Therefore, you may notice that the bookmarked URL may not be the same URL in which you are logged in.  The bottom line is that this will not impact your usage of the applications.

If you have any further questions about this automatic redirect, please contact Michelle.


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