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Exit Code When Consent Revoked

Susan Dunsmoor 1/20/09 For the new regulation that just came out at the end of December indicating that a parent can revoke consent for special ed at any time and a meeting does not have to be held if parent does not want, the following questions have come up: 1) What exit code do we use - there is a code for IFSP when parents discontinue services of SDP, but is not able to be used for Part B. ?? if RRT should be used. 2) Would the same paperwork be completed for this as would any other exit - Page A, Exit Form, Consent for Eval, PWN? And if so, when there is not an actual meeting held, what info needs to be included on Page A in order for the IEP to be able to be submitted (requires participants to be listed)?
Toni Van Cleve 1/20/09 The exit code that would be used is RRT. The Exit form brings up Page A only for the purpose of entering the final exit code. A prior written notice is also required. If the child in still in preschool, an ECO form must be completed. For school age children nothing else is required. No Consent for Evaluation is needed.



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