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Eligibility Data Worksheet (EDW)

Donna Dannar 2/18/09 Eligibility Data Worksheet - This is similar to a question asked by Patti Brown on 10/3/07 with one significant difference - if a parent declines services for an eligible student in May of 2008; then agrees to services in December of 2008, can the 5/08 Eligibility data be changed in IMS from parent declined to student will receive an IEP, without changing any of the original dates? (The evaluation was completed within the 60 day time line, but if the new meeting date of 12/08 is entered to replace the 5/08 date, that would appear to be no longer the case.)
Toni Van Cleve 2/18/09 In your case, an eligibility determination was made in May. The student was not an eligible individual, because parents declined services. A new eligibility determination is needed. When there is only a short amount of time since the original determination, a new consent for evaluation would need to be signed, but there would probably not be a need for any new data, so the eligibility meeting could be held right away. However with seven months lapse since the last evaluation, new data would probably need to be collected to determine eligibility.



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