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Early ACCESS Child Doesn't Qualify

Patti Brown 2/23/09 I have a student who did not qualify for early access services. My question is when a date is entered on the eligibility screen to begin the 45 days, how do we close that out if the student does not qualify. Usually cases do not get this far, but teacher was under the impression student would qualify. Thank you.
Dee Gethmann 2/23/09 The date of the initial IFSP Meeting will be used to close out the student. The IFSP meeting is used to calculate the data for the 45 day timeline. However, IMS does not have a field on the Consent and Eligibility Module for Part C to enter data for a referral that is closed prior to completion of the evaluation and/or the initial IFSP meeting. The Bureau does not report these data in our federal reporting so these data are not being collected on IMS at this time. However, the IFSP Team documents the reasons for case closure on the IFSP Templates, and it will be information collected on the Web-Based IFSP in the future. At this time, IMS is working on programming for the web IFSP and necessary changes to the IMS data system. Therefore, the DE is not requesting a change in the IMS Consent and Eligibility Screen to capture data for case closure that occurs without holding an IFSP Meeting since we are not currently reporting them in our reports.



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