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PDS and Data Verification Report

Becky 3/12/09 I have an IFSP kid that had a final exit code as PDS (discontinued at parent request), it keeps showing up on the required list as needing follow up. I have documented in the comments section that the parent did not want services anymore. Why is this triggering that follow up is needed?
Dee Gethmann 3/16/09 Before we talk about the specifics of why PDS is showing up on the report, it is necessary to distinguish between Change Reasons and Final Exit Codes. When a Part C Change Reason is used, the child will continue to receive at least one Early ACCESS service. Therefore, the data verification report is looking for that child to resurface in IMS. When a Part C Final Exit Code is used, the child is no longer in Early ACCESS. As a result, the data verification report will no longer look at this child's record. PDS is a change reason; not a final exit code. PDS is to be used when a parent wishes to have one or more Part C early intervention services discontinued, but the child will still be receiving at least one IFSP Early Intervention service on the IFSP. Since PDS is a change reason, the data verification report is looking for that child to resurface in IMS. Often the Change Reason PDS is confused with the Final Exit Code SDP (All services discontinued – parental request). Please check with the IFSP team to see if this child: • has been exited from Early ACCESS at parent request. In that case, use SDP as the final exit code. OR • is still receiving at least one Early ACCESS service. Make the appropriate Change Reasons to the IMS record(s) and make sure that at least one service is open.



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