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Entering in IMS Teacher Who Will Be Monitoring Student

Nan Holst 3/12/09 I have a school district that does not have an ECSE program. However, they are hiring a teacher to monitor a student(s) at an LRE preschool site. How do I enter that teacher on IMS? Also, on the IEP would the elementary building be listed as the attending building, even though that's not actually where the child is attending? (The LRE site would not currently be listed as a building choice on the WEB IEP system.)
Toni Van Cleve 9/17/09 As you are probably aware, there are no current IMS codes for this specific situation. Since the situation you described would typically be “specially designed instruction”, this service should be entered in the Services screen with a 5 digit class code. This would also mean that this service will be weighted, which again is typical for “specially designed instruction”. In regard to the building number, the prescribed range of building numbers for a preschool building numbers is 0300 – 0399.



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