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Classroom Setting

Susan Dunsmoor 3/26/09 Student is home schooled/duel enrolled. Services are provided by Genesis, special ed teacher provides consultation services to Genesis, receives transportation. ?? on what to put at the bottom for the question on where the student receives 50% or more of his services in the attending building. His services are provided while working, so not really in a classroom setting.
Toni Van Cleve 3/26/09 According to federal definition, educational time spent in age appropriate community-based settings that include individuals with and without disabilities, such as college campuses or vocational sites should be counted as time spent inside the regular classroom. It appears from your question that the home schooled student is dually enrolled for transitional work-study services. In this case, the student would receive 50% of services in the school which he would be attending for special education services if those services were provided within a school building. Stated in more direct terms, use the building the student would attend if he were not home schooled.



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