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4 Year Old Preschool Programs

Patti Brown 4/8/09 Looking forward to next fall, our 4 yr old preschool programs will be housed in private preschool settings, rather than the public school buildings as they currently are. Since there will be 7 different locations, and classes, I need a way to roster these students so that they can be differentiated on both the Web IEP and the IMS systems. In the past, we have not been allowed to assign building numbers to other sites. What is the rest of the state doing? If you have any suggestions, I would welcome that information as well. Thank you. Patti
John Lee 7/21/09 Currently the building schematic provides that preschools operated by one of the 360+ public school districts in Iowa would number the preschool building within the range of 0300-0399. Privately operated preschools are buildings numbered between 7060-7099 within the 360+ public school districts. As prekindergarten expands there may be a need to revisit the current structure and adjust for the growth in Pre-K programs.



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