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District-Wide Assessment -not given at this grade level, "G"

Susan Dunsmoor 6/8/09 Am questioning the use of G for District Wide Assessment. We have a program called "STRIVE" which is vocational/technical training program for students requiring resource assistance. Students attending here are ages 18-21. We have IEPs marked "district wide assessment not given at this level", which is correct, but according to the Uniform Data Entry, this is to be used for students who are not yet school age. What should we be using?
Toni Van Cleve 6/8/09 Your practice of recording "District wide assessment not given at this grade level" is appropriate. It is true that PK teachers use this option,but it was intended for students at any grade level for which no district wide assessment is given. For students which are still working to complete their IEPS ages 18-21 it is just as appropriate. The Uniform Data Entry just doesn't give those students as an example. There are also some districts that have no district wide assessment at 9th or 11th grade.



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