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Race/Ethnicity Data

Donna Dannar 7/16/09 Race/Ethnicity Data: With the upcoming changes to the Race/Ethnicity data, I was wondering at what point is this data to be collected? For example, will there be a special form for staff to fill out at referral? Or do we just leave it blank until an IEP is written? What if a student is referred/tested, but doesn't qualify? Would these ethnicity fields be required? If so, where would they be documented in the absence of an IEP? The recently distributed re-identification email (dated 7/13/09) refers to a list of children ages 3-5 that the AEA is responsible for re-identifying. The list, however, includes B-2. I would presume then, that ages B-2 should be included in this process given that the IMS fields of entry would be the same, and this population of children is included in the list, correct?
Amy Williamson 9/3/09 Race/Ethnicity data are collected when a child or student has been determined eligible for special education services on an IFSP or IEP. The data are collected in the Web IFSP or IEP at the meeting; or a letter is mailed to the parents and the signed response is entered. The Race/Ethnicity letter for parents was mailed to the AEA Special Education Directors on July 8th. There is no "special form" that is available at referral. Race and ethnicity data are required for all students who receive services, ages birth through 21, therefore ages birth through two were included in the re-identification process that has was begun this summer.



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