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Medicaid Billable and Non-Billable Services

Susan Dunsmoor 8/24/09 Since we now have the 2 classifications for PP0/TA0 to indicate Medicaid billable and non-Medicaid billable services, do we have to distinguish the 2 in IMS or can we just list TA like we have in the past?
Toni Van Cleve 8/28/09 You will need to enter both PP0 and TA0 in IMS. As a general rule, it is very important to enter whatever comes in as you find it on the IMS Data Summary. As you know, it has become increasingly important that we all do things in the same consistent manner. Of course, if you find something questionable on the summary, you will always want to follow your AEA Procedures to verify the correct information. In this case, it is also a financial issue for the AEA, in that the PP0 Code is one of the codes that generates the Medicaid claim forms. Incidentally, often the same person works in both capacities and will generate both a PP0 and a TA0 code for the student.



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