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Roster Change Codes

Mary Jo Nordheim 10/27/09 Question on what exit code to use: if transportation is being taken off or an aide is being taken off the IEP, but other services are still continuing, what code should we use? Would we use MSG or CRI? Are there any guidelines for what code to use when?
Dee Gethmann 10/30/09 MGS is to be used when a one or more services has been discontinued and the student continues to receive at least one special education service. CRI is primarily used when a teacher or support service provider has been changed. CRI assumes that the same service will entered again for the student, just with different information. CRI is not used when there is a change in resident district or attending district. There are separate change codes for those events. The definitions for the Exit and Change Codes are available by double-clicking on the field Federal Exit & Roster Change in the Service Information screen. Training on exit codes was last held at the 2006 In-Person meeting. Notes from that training are available at http://www.aeaims.k12.ia..us/M060424.HTM.



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