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Early Childhood Setting Code

Susan Dunsmoor 11/23/09 EC Setting Code/LRE - I have 2 items of documentation for what needs to be entered when in IMS as far as EC Setting Code Only, EC Setting Code & LRE, LRE only and wanted to verify which is correct: EC Setting Code Only - Ages 0-3 EC Setting Code Only - Ages 0-4 EC Setting Code & LRE - Ages 3-5 EC Setting Code & LRE - Ages 4-5 LRE Only - Ages 6+
Dee Gethmann 4/1/10 Documentation of IT, EC Codes and LRE for the following age groups of children/students are entered into IMS: 1) Ages Birth through 2 (IFSP) - IT Codes (IT1-IT7); 2) Ages 3 through 4 (IEP) - EC Code (A1-B5) only; 3) Age 5 (IEP)- EC Code (A1-B5) and LRE (%); and 4) Ages 6 - 21 (IEP) - LRE (%) only.



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