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Last Name Won't Fit in Field in IMS

Mary Jo Nordheim 2/19/10 What do you do if you have a last name that is hyphenated and too long to fit in the Last Name box on the IMS? I originally had the one name in and then have to add the hyphenated name and it runs over into the First Name box. It has to match the web IEP.
Michelle Tressel 3/3/10 Yes, it is true that the student name and DOB should be the same in IMS and IEP. However, in the situation described here, the components needed to create the same ID in both systems are in place and will not be compromised by the inability to type in the entire last name for a student whose last name is too long. So, type as many characters as possible in IMS (the last name fields is set for a limit of 20 characters).



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